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TITLE: The Devil, The Priestess

MEDIUM: Mezzotint

DIMENTIONS: 6”x 8” and 4”x 6”

YEAR: 2014


TITLE: Quasi-State

MEDIUM: Relief Print

DIMENTIONS: 24”x 12”

YEAR: 2019


TITLE: Permeate

MEDIUM: Relief Print and Handmade Paper

DIMENTIONS: 18”x 26”

YEAR: 2019


TITLE: Intangible Attrition

MEDIUM: Relief Print and Handmade Paper

DIMENTIONS: 18”x24” each sheet

YEAR: 2019


The Mezzotint series displayed represents a few different moments in my life where I was exploring the physicality of human characteristics and how different elements of personality could be made visible. I was lead to this investigation due to how Mezzotint evokes the feeling of revealing by light, both in process and appearance.

The other three pieces utilize handmade paper and/or relief print and were made with a focus on exploring the material qualities of linoleum, ink, and handmade paper. These three pieces involved reacting to the way water moves across the surface of the linoleum for the initial mark making. I then followed up by using carving tools to expose my personal insights and practicing my own form of divination. The handmade paper I use is the same recipe used in Paper Circle’s O-gami.