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Our Story

Sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council 

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Paper Circle's founder, Sara Gilfert, throws her head back and laughs, "I don't know how else to describe it. I became absolutely infected with a love of papermaking."  In 2000, wanting to share what she had and to give back to the community, she organized a teaching studio in her home with three very talented apprentices. In 2003, Paper Circle gained non-profit status and she and the others rented and renovated a storefront as part of the new arts community on the Nelsonville town square.

In 2010, after two years of development, our niche paper, O-Gami, made for complex folds, was introduced at the Origami USA convention. In May 2012 we hosted our first Juried show, "IN, ON or OF Paper,” juried by Eileen Wallace. 2014 was a busy year for us.

Today Paper Circle is a well-respected leader in the community. We occupy a sunny 40′ x 20′ space with a professional gallery at the front and a fully equipped papermaking studio. We host art shows & hire paper artists to facilitate workshops for all ages. Our product, O-Gami, is available in our online shop. 

We support our artists by providing living wages, professional development, product support, origami meet up group and teaching and exhibiting opportunities as part of Nelsonville’s Art in The Afternoon.

We are particularly committed to enhancing the creative economy of the region through the creation and development of paper products, which support our good work in the community. Our signature O-Gami paper is archival, strong, water-resistant, comes in thirty colors; perfect for fine artists or hobbyists.