Please join us in welcoming to Paper Circle our featured artist of the month Fae Logie

Fae Logie is a Canadian artist living and working on Bowen Island just off the coast of
Vancouver, British Columbia. Her art practice operates within the registers of the
scientific and the poetic, the conceptual and the environmental. Embracing elements of
sculpture, drawing, photography and text, the diversity of her visual output adheres to
processes of critical observation and research. Inquiring into how people create a sense
of identity through the ecology and history of place, Logie examines alternative means of
engagement with our environment, be that wilderness or urban settings, human and
non-human. Notions of dwelling and the urban forest have been an on-going interest,
perceptions and metaphors of the forest ecosystem as unique indigenous and modified
treed landscapes. The mural-sized bark drawings depict the major coniferous species
within Logie’s coastal temperate rainforest, relating to a bodily awareness, to one’s own
as well as the other. Marking time, they speak of the fragility of these changing habitats.
Interested in making correspondences between local and distant landscapes,
Logie has exhibited across Canada and participated in international artist
residencies and shows in Reykjavik, Iceland, King’s Lynn, UK, Whangarai, New
Zealand and Trondheim, Norway. She has a MFA degree from the University of
British Columbia, though initially she studied science at Simon Fraser University,
a discipline that continues to inform her work.

You can contact Fae via her website or follow her on instagram.


Drawings on Paper

1. Douglas Fir 50"X 81"

2. Western hemlock 50"X 37"

3. Stika spruce 37"X 50"

4. Skita spruce 37"X 50"

5. Western red cedar 50"X 48"