Featured Artist

Please join us in welcoming to Paper Circle our featured artist of the month Miriam Hitchcock< Miriam can be reached by emaill miriamhitchcock@gmail.com or  her website is http://www.miriamhitchcock.com/

Miriam Hitchcock
Artist Statement
Art making has always provided me a way of understanding and belonging in the world.
In my work, as in life, the past permeates the present and the commonplace collides
with the enigmatic and inexplicable.
I use a hybrid visual language that involves eccentric formats to playfully reference the
disruption and dislocation characteristic of contemporary life and the landscape that we
construct against a diminishing wilderness.
Drawing is central to my studio practice and the engine that drives everything I make.
A painter primarily, I began making short experimental films in 2010.
I use paper cut-out figures or “puppets” as kinetic elements in stop motion animations.
These short films are enhanced by collaboration with sound and poetic narrative and
have become a meaningful way for me to explore our uniquely human capacity for
containing loss and the mystifying experience of inhabiting time.
The work exhibited here at Paper Circle is composed of layered paper scraps, cardboard,
foam core and wood pieces that are combined and surfaced with paper for painting.
These eccentrically shaped surfaces were made during the early days of the Pandemic
“Shelter in Place” order, when I was determined to use materials on hand. The coarse
and uneven formats demand a very direct process without the rigorous editing and
reworking typical of my painting process. The resulting images are as much drawings as
During the same period, I cut and surfaced large sheets of paper to make figurative
“puppets” which mimic the much smaller puppets I make for animation. The resulting
work, included here, is informed by the dynamic sense of movement borrowed directly
from my work in stop motion animation.
Many thanks to the Paper Circle community for featuring my work on your website.


Miriam Hitchcock
Paper Circle images
1. “Blue Puppet” Mixed media on paper and fabric, 40”H x 30”W. 2021 $1900.
2. “Envelope and Chickadee” Mixed media on paper, cardboard and foil,
27” x 28”.2020 $1900.
3. “Finch and Gardener” ink, charcoal, acrylic on cardboard and foam core, 32” x 28 . 2020.
$2400. (available exclusively through Jen Tough Gallery)
4. “Girl Puppet ( Eyes up)” mixed media on paper and fabric. 40”H x 30”W. 2021 $1900.
5. “Woman and Butterfly” ink, charcoal, acrylic on mixed Cardboard and foam core, 27” x 28”.
2020. $1900. (available exclusively through Jen Tough Gallery