Origami Virtual Exhibition


1. Title: Camera Obscura
Description: This piece was designed by myself, folded from a specifically commissioned sheet of O-gami.The sheet that Paper Circle had made for me is without a doubt the most beautiful sheet of paper I have ever had the pleasure of folding. Folded in November 2021
Dimensions: 35cm×35cm
Material: Medium thickness O-gami
Price: Not available

Name: Nicholas Lafleur Email: origamifreak64@gmail.com


2b7bf4a4-3a0e-437b-8362-4c43345c7f8b.jpeg2.Title: Love Open
Description: Accordion origami book
Dimensions: 2*2 Closed
Material: Paper, hand printed paper
Price: $50

Name: barbara bitondo

Email: bbitondo@ifc.org


sekishu4.jpg3.Title: Sekishu Cube 4
Description: Recently I have been printing monotypes onto Japanese conservation tissue called Sekishu. By printing onto a folded piece of tissue paper, the ink bleeds through the tissue leaving behind a transfer print on the under layers and revealing a new pattern when the paper is unfolded. After printing, the paper is re-folded and into a 3D shape - a translucent container for space, breath and light.
Dimensions: 3in cube
Material: Monotype on Japanese Sekishiu tissue
Price: NFS

Name: Kristina Nobleman

Email: kristinanobleman@gmail.com

Web site: http://www.kristinanobleman.com



teddy-bear.jpeg4.Title: Teddy Bear

Description: A cute little origami teddy bear made from a single square. Inspired by my favorite rapper, 6LACK.
Dimensions: 6cm by 4cm by 11cm
Material: Double Tissue (Brown, Black, Red).
Price: N/A

Name: Arjun Patel

Email: arjunkirtipatel@gmail.com

Web site: https://www.instagram.com/patelorigami/


ryujin35-1-.jpg5.Title: Ryujin 3.5
Description: White Dragon designed by Satoshi Kamiya
Dimensions: 46 x 23 x 15 cm
Material: Paper, Wire, Glue
Price: 5,000USD

Name: William Shen-Costello

Email: kevinonbianchi@yahoo.com


the-flying-turtle.jpg6.Title: The Flying Turtle, 2022
Description: The whimsical subject of a flying turtle challenges the urge of complex origami designers to pursue realism. Using an eclectic blend of techniques, including 22.5 degree constructions for the wings and complex pleat manipulations for an irregular shell pattern, the design achieves an intricate, yet characteristically origami aesthetic that is beautifully compatible with ornate textures.
Dimensions: 11cm head to flippers, 25cm wing to wing, 3cm deep
Material: A single uncut square of 30x30cm Blue and Gold Hand-Marbled Thai Momi Paper
Price: 500USD

Name: Andy Dequin

Email: dequin@mit.edu

Web site: https://www.instagram.com/adnkami/


argonanut.jpg7.Title: The Argonaut
Description: After watching 'My Octopus Teacher' I found it fascinating that the octopus would use shells as a form of armor. Inspired by this behavior, I positioned this design within a hand carved shell. A highly figured piece of Maple was chosen as the base as the figure appears much like ripples in water would.
Dimensions: 11in x 9.5in x 4.5in
Material: O-Gami Paper - Purple Burgundy Wine Luster. Basswood shell. Maple base finished with Danish oil.
Price: Not for Sale

Name: Connor Kelly

Email: ckelly6891@gmail.com

Web site: www.instagram.com/c.s.kelly


ichthyovenator-2-.jpg8.Title: Ichthyovenator Spinosaurus
Description: A complex origami design of an Ichthyovenator Spinosaurus, folded from one uncut sheet of paper. This design utilizes multiple novel origami design techniques to bring accurate proportions and detail into this piece.
Dimensions: 17in by 6in
Material: Wenzhou rice paper, dyed with aniline dye
Price: $1600

Name: Drew Heskett

Email: drewtheskett@gmail.com


impressions-5.jpg9.Title: IMPRESSIONS
Description: Origami tessellation mobile with colorful lights.
Dimensions: varying size: 15ft x 15ft x x15ft
Material: paper, metal, wire, light.
Price: $6,900

Name: claire apana

Email: claire.apana@gmail.com


sold-to-slaughter-.jpg10.Title: Sold to Slaughter
Description: Each year tens of thousands of U.S. mustangs and domesticated horses are exported to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered for human consumption on three continents. Bipartisan Bills H.R. 3355 and Senate 2732 will stop their exportation from and permanently ban their slaughter in the U.S. Please consider calling or emailing your representatives and ask them to vote YES to pass ?The SAFE Act.?
Dimensions: 31.25in x 35in
Material: Paper, Acrylic, Hardboard
Price: 2500.00

Name: Stacie Tamaki

Email: signup@stacietamaki.com

Web site: http://www.tinygami.com


grant.png11.Title: Shiki Katos Asian Elephant and a few words with my inspiration needed to make it.

This elephant is dedicated to the “loneliest elephant on earth” (who is an asian elephant) documentary as when shaping, i could capture a real sadness in the eyes just by simply lowering them to look down.

“The elephant wound up in the Islamabad Zoo, where he shared a small enclosure with a companion, Saheli. The two were frequently restrained and were not provided with adequate food, water or enrichment. In 2012, Saheli died of gangrene from an infection caused by her chains, leaving Kaavan alone”

“Deeply affected by the death of his life companion, Kaavan showed signs of stress and aggression and caretakers of the zoo struggled to keep the large elephant under control. Chained in isolation and poor condition, Kaavan became the world's loneliest elephant.”

Name: Grant Marshall

Email: grant.marshall@outlook.com


dragon-knight.jpg12. Title: Dragon Knight

Paper: Uncut 55x55cm Hanji
Designed by OrigamibyBoice: 1/2021
Description: The Dragon Knight is a conglomerate of design structures put together to form a dynamic swordsman.
 A dragon's face decorates the chest plate and the knight wields a massive blade.
Using the box pleat design paradigm, every detail from the fingers, sword, helmet, and armor are achieved
from just a single square paper.
Name: Boice Wong
Sara Gilfert Award Winner
seahorse-1-.jpg13.Title: Seahorse
Description: Seahorse designed by Beth Johnson. Folded from 20cm square. Jan. 24 2021
Dimensions: ~15cm
Material: Shadowfold paper
Price: NFS

Name: Ian McRobbie

Email: ian.mcrobbie@gmail.com


origami-blackbelt.jpg14.Title: 'Origami Blackbelt' - Standalone in Purple
Description: A martial artist figurine, folded to an original design by Tony Samuels in December 2021. This rendition is folded from a single square of handmade double-tissue paper (approx. 40x40cm) and stands unsupported on its own two feet. The design was first devised by Tony in the city of Bristol, UK, in December 2020.
Dimensions: 100mm x 110mm
Material: Paper, wire inserts, glue.
Price: $150.00

Name: Anthony Samuels

Email: bongo_san@hotmail.com


well-well-well-if-it-isnt-the-consequences-of-my-own-actions.jpg15.Title: Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions
Description: An Origami dodecahedron folded from 210 sonobe units
Dimensions: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 6cm
Material: Paper
Price: 629

Name: Jesse Groch

Email: jesse.groch@gmail.com


latrodectus-alata.jpg16.Title: Latrodectus alata
Description: The genus 'Latrodectus' contains the redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti) on which this model is based and 'alata' is the latin word for ''winged'. The design uses the technique boxpleating and is based on a 52x52 grid. It took me about 12 hours to fold this model. And to make sure no-one is having a nightmare: This spider does (luckily) not exist in reality.
Dimensions: 13cm x 15cm x 5cm
Material: 47cm square of double tissue paper
Price: NFS

Name: Manuel Berger

Email: manuelpberger@gmail.com