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"Works on Paper"

Paper has served as the support for an extraordinarily diverse body of work since it's invention in 2nd century China, from drawing and painting to collage and beyond
All artworks created on paper using a variety of media will be considered. This includes, but is not limited to drawing using pastel, watercolor, ink, charcoal, painting on paper, printmaking, collage, book arts, and artist's books


Sara Gilfert award of $300.00. All artwork must have been created in the last two years. The exhibition is a virtual online exhibition

   Deadline for Entries in 58 days on Dec 31 2022   Deadline for Late Entries in 58 days on Dec 31 2022 (see entry instructions for further details)   Notification of Jury Results in 74 days on Jan 16 2023   Show Date in 90 days on Feb 1 2023 thru Mar 31 2023

To submit work please go to

Please pay using the paypal button on