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Ogami Virtual Exhibition


Paper Circle is excited to host its first origami exhibition.  Origami can be defined simply as the art of folding an object out of paper. In Japanese: oru is to fold, and kami is paper which makes the word origami, the art of paper folding. Origami is a blending of geometry and the visual arts.  All traditional and contemporary origami forms and techniques will be considered. This includes but is not limited to the traditional form of folding using only one piece of paper to more contemporary methods using multiple sheets of paper.

Variations on traditional origami including modular and action origami golden venture, pureland, strip folding, tessellations, kirigami and kusudama will be considered.  This show will be virtual and posted on website and other social media sites. A minimum of one fold is required per piece. No size constraints, mailing or packaging necessary. Water may be used in the process of making the piece(s) All pieces must use paper. 


Jan. 10th-online submission open

March 25th-deadline for submissions

March 30th-artists will be notified

April 01st-Exhibition open and up online

May 31th- Exhibition closes

Selections: Submitted artworks will be reviewed by the exhibition committee, who together will select the artwork for the show. This will be done through a blind jury process, meaning the exhibitions committee will not be given any identifying information about the artist. 

Awards:  Sara Gilfert award, $300.00 

Date: Artwork must be made by the artists submitting and be made within the 2021/2022 year.

Images:Up to three (3) quality digital images may be uploaded and submitted per artist. For each image file, the maximum file size is 5 MB. JPG or PNG format accepted. 1200 pixels on the longest side. RGB color mode only.

Please keep in mind that in a virtual exhibition, your images will be displayed. Good lighting, color, and cropping are essential for the appearance of your artwork.

Do not include your name in any of your file titles. Use the artwork title to name the files in this format:

artworktitle.jpg or artworktitle.png

For technical questions or assistance with your image files, see or contact Entrythingy at

Authorship: Artists must make this piece and give credit for design if not their own.

Submissions:  Each artist must submit through entrythingy. The submission fee for 1-3 pieces is $30.  Payable at the time of submission. 

Enter: Up to three artworks per artist or artists group will be accepted for consideration with one overall image chosen for the exhibition. Please make sure images are well lit and in focus.

Description: Make sure to give the sizes of the piece(s) and date of completion..

Artist statement: Upon submission of artwork and artist statement with no more than 80 words is required this statement will appear on the gallery material.  Paper Circle reserves the right to edit statements for clarity, punctuation, grammar etc. 

Sales: Artists will be asked for retail value for each piece of accepted work.  A work identified as for sale please use USD must maintain that status for as long as it is part of the active exhibition. Artworks that are not for sale must write NFS.  In the event of sale, the artist will be paid 65% of the retail price listed. Paper Circle will retain a 35% commission on work sold during the exhibition.  

Agreement: Submission of an artwork to the exhibition and online entry process shall constitute and agreement on the part of the artist and Paper Circle. Paper Circle has the right to reproduce and distribute the images through print and electronic media for promotion of the exhibition and its entrants, artists retain all copyright to their work.

About Sara Gilfert: Sara Gilfert is founder and artistic director of Paper Circle. She has created works in and on paper since 1979. Paper Circle is the culmination of years of her interest and work. Sara moved her studio and equipment in 2002 to Nelsonville, Ohio, and renovated the space currently occupied at 35 West Columbus St. In 2003, Paper Circle was incorporated as a non-profit arts organization with the mission of the preservation and advancement and celebration of the paper and book arts.

About Paper Circle:  Paper Circle ( is a well-respected arts leader in southeastern Ohio. We support our artists by providing living wages, professional development, product support, Origami Meetup group and teaching and exhibiting opportunities.  We are particularly committed to enhancing the creative economy of the region through the creation and development of paper products, which support our work in the community. Our signature O-Gami paper is archival, strong, water-resistant, and comes in 39 colors; and three weights, perfect for fine artists or hobbyists.