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This call for entry is now closed. Please check back on February 1 to view selected artists.

Works on Paper During COVID, many artists haven't been able to obtain the art materials they normally use. Necessity is the mother of invention. What kinds of paper have you been using for your artwork during this unprecedented time? Have you been using art materials or media that you found in your home or studio? Have you made paper? Have you branched out from your usual art practice in some way during this time? This exhibition celebrates creativity and resourcefulness in works on paper in the time of Coronavirus. During difficult times, artists can lead the way in demonstrating resilience and originality. All original artworks drawn, painted or otherwise created on paper using a variety of media will be considered. This includes, but is not limited to, drawing using pastel, watercolor, ink, charcoal, painting on paper, printmaking, collage, book arts, artist books and 3-dimensional works. No audio or video. Only artwork created during the global pandemic (COVID-19) and that has not been exhibited elsewhere will be accepted. Artwork must be composed of at least 50% paper. Due to COVID-19 concerns, this exhibition is a virtual, online exhibition. SARA GILFERT AWARD An award in the amount of $300 will be given to the artist who employs the most skill and invention in making and working with their own materials and who closely answers the theme and description of this call for entry. (Employees, staff and board members Of Paper Circle are not eligible for this award.) ABOUT SARA GILFERT Sara Gilfert is founder and artistic director of Paper Circle. She has created works in and on paper since 1979. Paper Circle is the culmination of years of her interest and work. Sara moved her studio and equipment in 2002 to Nelsonville, Ohio, and renovated the space currently occupied at 35 West Columbus St. In 2003, Paper Circle was incorporated as a non-profit arts organization with the mission of the preservation and advancement and celebration of the paper and book arts.