Origami Virtual Exhibition 2023


Paper Circle Origami Virtual Exhibition.

This year we are proud to announce the artists are,

1.James Ojascastro, Watermelon, http://www.instragram.com/mania_folder, Price: $60.00 USD

2.Christian Brandstetter Feather Horned Longicorn Beetle, imagiro789@gmail.com Price: NFS

3.Beth LaCour, Faceted Vessel, beth@lacourart.com Price: SOLD

4.Eric Brief, House of Braavos, Ejbrief@gmail.com, Price: $1111.00 USD

5. Alonzo Williams, God Carries Me Away, https://zosei.weebly.com/ Price NFS

6. Jules Poon, Lotus Pond, http://juliapoo.github.io Price: ?

7. Madonna Yoder, Waffles, madonna@gatheringfolds.com. Price: #330.00 USD

8. Chris Conrad, Lucifer's Revenge (Sara Gilfert Award Winner)https://chrisconradart.com Price:$5000.00 USD

9. Matt LaBoone, Uroplatus phantasticus ,https://www.cabbagepaper.com/ Price: NA

This show will be virtual and posted on papercircle.org website and other social media sites. Prices for sale as marked, please contact Paper Circle, at shop.papercircle@gmail.com with any inquiries. 

Congratulations to all artists, good job.