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Origami Virtual Exhibition 2023


Paper Circle Origami Virtual Exhibition.

This year we are proud to announce the artists are,

1.James Ojascastro, Watermelon,, Price: $60.00 USD

2.Christian Brandstetter Feather Horned Longicorn Beetle, Price: NFS

3.Beth LaCour, Faceted Vessel, Price: SOLD

4.Eric Brief, House of Braavos,, Price: $1111.00 USD

5. Alonzo Williams, God Carries Me Away, Price NFS

6. Jules Poon, Lotus Pond, Price: ?

7. Madonna Yoder, Waffles, Price: #330.00 USD

8. Chris Conrad, Lucifer's Revenge (Sara Gilfert Award Winner) Price:$5000.00 USD

9. Matt LaBoone, Uroplatus phantasticus , Price: NA

This show will be virtual and posted on website and other social media sites. Prices for sale as marked, please contact Paper Circle, at with any inquiries. 

Congratulations to all artists, good job.